Thanksgiving Thoughts: What Creative Click Media is Thankful For

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Believe it or not, Thanksgiving is already here!  For decades, families all across the country have treated this holiday as a day of gratitude, reminiscing about the past year and recognizing everything they have to be grateful for.  This year, Creative Click Media is joining in on the tradition.

There’s so much to be appreciative of during the holiday season, so before we sit down to eat our turkeys and pumpkin pie our team is reflecting on everything we are thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Adam Binder, Founder

I am thankful for the freedom to be different, color outside the lines, take big calculated risks, and live life on my own terms.

I am thankful for my family and friends. It is their support that fuels me to work harder and strive to be better in all that I do.

I’m thankful for my yoga practice which has helped me to become a healthier, kinder person.

I am thankful for the Creative Click Media staff.  As an entrepreneur, I’ve been fortunate to take on employees who are just as passionate about their work as I am.  I am thankful for their dedication to Creative Click Media in good times and bad, for their belief in me as a leader, and in my vision, and for their belief in the value of what we do. I am thankful that they entrust their career paths to me, for their personal investment in our success, and for stepping up to meet the challenges we face daily.

I am thankful to be able to give back and make a difference.  Being successful has empowered me to help others, and advance the work of organizations that are doing work for the greater good of our community.

I am thankful for our clients who allow us to help them in their businesses and entrust us to be part of their business success story.  Without them, none of our successes would be possible.


alex_smallAlex Dimicco, Web and Graphic Designer

I’m thankful for finding something I love to do. In my last job, I was doing packaging design for electronic consumer products, NOT FUN. Here I get to work on a different project every couple of days, which keeps things interesting because in a few days I’ll be working on something new.

I’m thankful for my significant other that keeps my life interesting and keeps me from being a sloth that stays inside all day.

I’m thankful for all the amazing opportunities that have been presented to me.  I managed to find myself an amazing group of friends who give me free access to anything they can (shows, festivals, backstage events) just to have my company.

I’m thankful for my supportive family who has helped me through my identity crises, and now I get to look forward to being a supportive uncle to my niece who is on the way. I have much more to be thankful for, I’m just happy I was given the life I have.


thanksgivingAmanda Deltuvia, Social Media Manager

I am thankful for the recent opportunities I have been given. I am so grateful that I am joining Creative Click Media. I am very excited to be a part of such a wonderful and kind team.  I am thankful for everyone in my family: my parents, boyfriend, siblings, and dogs! I am also thankful for this past year getting the time and inspiration to work on my novel series. I am also thankful for having a roof over my head, a full belly, and a little bit of time to enjoy doing the things I love!


amanda_smallAmanda Erdmann, Director of Client Services

I’ve had a really great year so there is so much to be thankful for. But many of the moments that have made this year so great have been because of this job and this company. The award I won, the awards we have won as a team, the many fabulous events we have gone to, and being financially stable for probably the first time all circles back to this wonderful place.

I am often stressed but it’s usually worth it. The thing I am most thankful for this year is this company and our team. I’m not sure what I would do without it.

I am also thankful for my family, friends, boyfriend, kittens and that my health is improving.


anthony_smallAnthony Giampaolo, Account Executive

At the moment I am thankful for a healthy family. It’s been a rough couple of months with different relatives in-and-out of the hospital. So far everyone has been doing good (knock on wood).  I believe family values have taught me well, plus family was extremely generous for helping with college.

I am thankful for my girlfriend Victoria as she has put up with me for quite some time and I haven’t screwed it up. She offers tremendous support in everything I do too.

Also, I’m thankful for Creative Click Media allowing me to come back. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it feels 1000x better to feel valued as an employee again.


bev_smallBev Farrell, Project Manager

There are always so many things to be thankful for all year and to list them all would be almost impossible. At the top of my list would be family, and friends who have become family. Family is not only defined by blood and some family relationships go beyond their titles.

I am thankful for my cousin Judy, who is more like a sister and with whom I can share anything serious or silly. I am thankful for friends who have become extended family. Those who are there for you without the obligation of family ties are truly a blessing.

I am also thankful to be working with so many creative people and to have a chance to use my writing skills.


connor_smallConnor Crowe, Copywriter

I’m thankful for my family. They have a wide variety of personalities and points of view. Being the youngest I’ve been fortunate enough to observe all of the different points of view my family has to offer and I think it has helped shape who I am today.

I’m thankful for my friends. They say statistically people tend to replace half of all their friends every 7 years. I am lucky enough to still have the same best friends I’ve had since I was 5 years old. We’ve added a couple of kids to the group along the way but for the most part, we’ve all been close friends for at least 15 years now.

I’m thankful for Creative Click Media giving me the opportunity to move back home to do something I care about. During my previous internship, I found myself just going through the motions because I honestly didn’t care about what I was doing. Here, I feel like I’m actually contributing in a way that helps people.

There’s so much in my life to be thankful for, I can’t list them all. In the words of one of my favorite songwriters, “Too blessed to be stressed.”


david_smallDavid Rajcok, Web & Tech Specialist

I’m thankful for family, friends, a great church, my guitar, Creative Click Media and the people here, living close to extended family, the LEGO collection, siblings who are fun to be around, mom’s cooking, my computers, good health, fun board games and video games, accessibility of information, glasses, a nice bed to sleep on each night, warm jackets, and a peaceful home.


gavin_smallGavin Jones, Copywriter

I’m thankful for having found a great support system of friends to get me through the best and worst times. I’m thankful for the privilege of living the life I’ve been able to, for having two wonderful parents who were able to get me through college without accruing the same amount of debt that many of my other classmates were forced to take. I’m thankful for my puppies. Thankful to CCM for giving me an exciting, stimulating, and friendly place to come to work. And, like Alex, I’m thankful that I get the chance to be an awesome uncle to my new little nephew Benjamin.


katie_smallKatie Cleland, Tech Specialist


I’m thankful for so many things. For a home. For my family. For my friends. For my job. For my school… and of course my cat.



kelly_smallKelly Gerding, Front End Designer

This time of year, I always find myself thankful for so many things. November is a time when I am surrounded by family and friends for my birthday and Thanksgiving, and I am thankful to have such amazing people in my life. In November, I am also reminded of how thankful I am to have my Dad home with my family.  He was in the military for 30 years and was deployed overseas a lot when I was younger at the beginning of the war. I am thankful for my boyfriend, my coworkers here at Creative Click, my classmates who keep me sane as I complete my final year of grad school, my dog, a house to live in, clothes to wear, food to eat, and good health.


miles_smallMiles Binder, Director of Distraction

I’m thankful for toys and food.  I know a lot of kids aren’t lucky enough to have as many LEGOs as me, so I’m really thankful to have them.  I have so much fun making up characters and stories with them with my daddy and all my work friends!  I’m also really thankful for food.  Food is awesome because it gives me more energy to play with my LEGOs.  And it’s really yummy – my favorite is mac & cheese because it’s cheesy and delicious!


olivia_smallOlivia Garrison, Director of Communications

I’m thankful to have a close extended family.  My dad’s side is smaller and more observant, and my mom’s side is a big group of loud Staten Island Italians.  I’m lucky to fall right in between, taking qualities from each side.

I’m thankful to have such a kind, and patient boyfriend who has made it his mission to make me laugh and keep me smiling every day for the past four years.  Mission accomplished.

I’m thankful to have so many strong, smart, independent women in my life.  Between my mother, grandmothers, aunts, cousins, and closest girlfriends, I’ve never for a second let myself believe that I should settle for anything less because of my gender.  I’m so grateful to have so many phenomenal role models to remind me of everything I can accomplish.


ryan_smallRyan Jones, Account Coordinator

I am thankful for my friends and family that have supported me during the stressful time of applying to colleges and starting the rest of my life. My family consistently supported/harassed me to do my best in school and make sure I had all my application papers in. My friends helped me by going through the same thing. We all talk to each other about it while out having a good time to make everything less scary.  I’m thankful to my girlfriend whom I’ve been with for about a year and a half now. She is there for me thick and thin and although we’ve had our bumps I love her. I also am thankful for my many pets, such as my four cats and two dogs. Also my “extended family of pets” such as my girlfriend’s three cats, dog, rabbit, and ferret.



On behalf of the entire Creative Click Media team, we would like to wish you all a safe, happy, and healthy Thanksgiving.  Be sure to share what you are thankful for this year in the comments!

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