Lights, Cameras, Success: The Importance of Online Video Marketing

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The digital marketing landscape is constantly shifting and evolving. As technology improves, businesses are given new and more efficient ways of spreading their message. This is especially true for video marketing. Not only has the price of powerful cameras gone down drastically but editing software is more accessible than ever. This has created a situation where video marketing isn’t just a boost to your marketing strategy – it is an essential aspect of it. 

Large Strides In Video Technology

As previously mentioned, creating high-quality video productions is easier and more affordable than ever. The rise in prosumer DSLR and mirrorless cameras allows video marketers to achieve cinematic shallow focus and record brilliant, crisp video without breaking the bank. Instead of blowing your budget on expensive video equipment, you can use those resources on creating a stronger marketing campaign and telling a more compelling story. 

Just as video hardware has come a long way – video editing software has arguably evolved even further. Not only are there countless editing programs that anyone can learn quickly but you can achieve so much more than even a few years ago. A great example of this is Flexclip, the best online video editor for beginners. Customized motion graphics used to be reserved for highly skilled video editors. Today, there are plugins and graphics templates that simplify the process and allow amateur editors to quickly create impressive graphics to tell a story.

Conversions and Sales

Now for the really important part – video marketing makes money. Using a video on a landing page can boost conversion rates by as much as 80%. Images have been shown to improve the bottom line for marketers and video pushes this even further. Studies suggest that 74% of people who watch an explainer video will eventually buy the product or service being advertised. This is huge. By adding video to your marketing strategy, you can immediately start converting more users of your website into customers and clients.

video marketing business njReturn On Investment

In part due to technological advancements, digital video marketing can provide a great return on your investment. Companies can now quickly and efficiently create videos to boost their business without costing an arm and a leg. By just replacing a section of website copy with a video, you can engage your audience on a level that simply isn’t possible with copy alone.  

importance of video marketingBuild Trust and Customer Loyalty

Video marketing does more than just make money in the short term. By providing your audience with educational video content, you not only establish your brand as an authoritative source but you can forge connections with customers that lead to long-term customer relationships. If someone trusts that your business will continue to provide valuable information in an engaging format, they are more likely to continue to use your products or services over time. 

New Ways To Influence

When someone thinks about video marketing, explainer videos and advertisements typically come to mind first. However, recent shifts in internet culture have opened new avenues for influencing potential customers. For example, streaming video on platforms such as has created a whole new generation of influencers with strong connections with their audience. Rather than spend a massive budget on advanced marketing campaigns, businesses are starting to rely on these influencers to sell their product. 

EA Games’ is a video game company that advertised their game Apex Legends almost exclusively by paying popular Twitch streamers to play it. By paying only a handful of popular streamers, EA was able to do more for their bottom line than a massive marketing campaign could. 

SEO Boost

Another benefit of video marketing is that Google loves it. Search engine optimization is now essential in order to compete in an increasingly digital world. Google loves when websites are regularly updated with compelling, useful content and rewards that with a higher ranking search listing. In fact, websites with a video embedded are 53 times more likely to rank on the first page of Google. It also helps to host videos on Google’s platform, via Youtube. Youtube allows you to add tags and metadata that is beneficial for Google search rankings while giving you a platform to garner more interest for your business.

video marketing nj Shareability

Let’s face it, some industries just aren’t flashy or interesting enough to gain traction on social media. For example, it isn’t very likely that an infographic about a tow truck company is going to go viral. If that same tow truck company uploads a video of a dangerous vehicle recovery, on the other hand, it could spread across the internet like wildfire. Video gives these types of businesses a chance to break through the static on social media by increasing the ‘shareability’ of a post. 

How to Make a Great Video 

To make the biggest impact with video, consider hiring a digital marketing agency with the experience, equipment and creativity needed to bring your vision to life. Whether you’re eager to get started or just looking for some advice, chat with our team to learn more about how our explainer video services can help your business attract new leads that convert.

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