Turn Up the Volume: Content Marketing Amplification

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Content marketing has been around for quite a while now, but it’s much more than just a buzzword. It is a proven way to keep your audience loyal while attracting new consumers. By providing your customers with quality content, you are building your credibility and driving traffic to your site. In 2015, it’s time to take your content marketing to the next level.

It’s no longer enough to just blog a few times a month. Content marketing works with social media marketing and search engine optimization so it is very powerful in the realm of internet marketing. The more your content is read and shared, the more successful your marketing will be. It’s time to take this dynamic tool and amplify it and boost your digital marketing.

We want to help you turn up the volume of your content marketing. Here are four things you can do for your business to strengthen your content marketing efforts.

Social Media Ads

Social ads are a very powerful internet marketing tool. Social media ads are a lot different than normal ads. With social media ads, you control who sees them. Social networks have the option to hyper-target your ads. You can target consumers who have certain likes and interests as well as traditional demographics such as age, gender, and location.

Use your content marketing skills to create several different compelling ads and rotate them regularly for best results. Social media ads will show up directly in the user’s newsfeed. Changing them regularly will allow you to remain relevant to users instead of coming across as spam.

Paid Content Discovery

If you want to get your content noticed, consider paid content discovery. Companies like Outbrain providing content discovery services. These services allow you to pay to have your content promoted on other sites. By doing this, you are reaching new people and possibly hundreds or thousands of people who you wouldn’t have reached on your own. For example, Outbrain provides services that promote your content on sites such as CNN, Slate, and ESPN. Tools like these can seriously enhance your content marketing simply by increasing your audience dramatically.

Pay Per Click

One of the great things about internet marketing is that you have the option to only pay for ads if they work through the pay per click (PPC) advertising. Use PPC to promote your content to new consumers and obtain a higher reach. PPC also provides analytics so you can see what types of content are working best for your business. When analyzing your campaign, pay attention to what type of content and the headlines of your content are getting the most clicks. This will help you understand what your ideal audience is looking for and therefore, give you the tool to enhance your content marketing efforts.


In its simplest form, retargeting is the paid strategy of bringing visitors back to your website. Have you ever been shopping online and then a few minutes later you go to Facebook and see an ad for the website you were just on? That’s retargeting. This method allows you to keep the attention of people who have already shown interest in your business. Your goal is to bring them back to your site through social or banner ads.

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This is a strategy that should be a part of every content marketing plan. The goal of content marketing is to keep consumers coming back to your website and retargeting does just that.

In the beginning, internet marketing had many free options, but as with all things, the process has evolved. If you want your content and your business to get noticed, these strategies will help you get there. The team at Creative Click Media can also help you get there. We have been providing premium internet marketing strategies since 2011 and we’re ready to help your business get noticed. Feel free to reach out anytime for help with web design, SEO, social media, and content marketing.

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  • Mark Zoril

    Nice post – useful information!

    • Amanda Erdmann

      Thanks Mark! So glad the information was helpful.

      Have a great day!


  • Linda Schrier

    Hi Amanda,

    I came to your website from a comment Adam made on another blog.

    I wanted to connect to check out your site.

    I see your into getting targeted traffic using several different methods. Some I already know about but some I don’t.

    I’ve never heard of retargeting. Sounds interesting. Could you give me some more information on that method?

    You have a wonderful night!


    • Amanda Erdmann

      Hi Linda,

      Thanks so much for checking out our site and connecting. I’m glad you found the information interesting. Retargeting is basically a form of digital advertising that targets people who have already visited your site. To start a ratargeting campaign, you first need to add a code to your site. This code will not be noticeable to visitors and will allow you to use cookie technology to track you visitors all over the web. When a visitor then leaves your site, the cookie will trigger your retargeting campaign in an attempt to get the visitor to come back to your site to make a conversion.

      Believe it or not, most websites only have a 2% conversion rate. The goal behind retargeting is to recapture the 98% of visitors who did not convert on your site. The most simple example I can give of retargeting is the one given above. Next time you’re online shopping and leave the site without making a purchase, head over to your Facebook page and you might noticed a side bar ad for the store or company you were just browsing. Retareting ads can also be placed in search engines. It’s a relatively new method but it’s extremely powerful.

      I hope this information was helpful in understanding retargeting a little better. Please let me know if you have any more questions.

      Have a great day!


  • Jyoti Chuhan

    Content marketing is killer weapon in digital marketing now a days. it would be great if you add some content marketing website also like blogengage, bizsuger, reddit etc.

    Thanks to share this nice stuff, it is very useful to all digital marketers.

    • Amanda Erdmann

      Hi Jyoti,

      Thanks so much for your feedback and I’m glad you found the information useful.

      Have a great day!


  • Uttoran Sen

    Hey Amanda,
    Excellent article, content marketing is mainly about making your content reach a bigger audience. Marketing content has always been the easiest – as something that has a value gives minimum resistance while promoting.

    I have pretty much used all the methods that you have mentioned and retargeting is giving me the most value in return. Am really looking foreword to use Outbrian soon – that is on my list of to-do things,

    Uttoran Sen,

    • Amanda Erdmann

      Hi Uttoran,

      Thanks so much for your feedback. We agree that content marketing is a great way to provide value and reach a wider audience. Good luck with trying Outbrain and feel free to let us know how it goes!

      Have a great day!


  • Matija

    HI there.. thanks for sharing truly understandable image about retargeting. Honestly what is your opinion if one is not using retargeting. Is it still possible to create decent leads generation ratio (above 2%) without retargeting.
    I have many web pages and on none of them I am not implementing retargeting. I am one man band on small slovenian market and I am starting to realize it takes too much efforts for one man to cover all digital opportunities. How much time does it take to implement retargeting for a rookie? Thanks,

    • Amanda Erdmann

      Hi Matjia,

      I’m glad you found the article useful. Is it possible to generate leads without using retargeting? Yes, but it’s a lot more work. To generate leads through content marketing without retargeting, you must implement strong and successful SEO and social media strategies to get your content to new audiences. If you’re a one man team, retargeting might be the best choice for you. I hope this helps!

      Have a great week,

  • Ravi Ajmera

    Blogging is easier than ever, but keeping track of everything that needs to happen — and not going crazy, is very hard.

    We are workflow experts — doing workflow for blog teams (in-house and freelance) through our plugin. But Workflow is very important along the entire marketing funnel.

    Marketing managers should work with their teams to codify the workflows — who does what, when — under different scenarios (eg. If the blog is about Spain, then Roberto reviews it, but if the blog is about France, Claudia will review that). (eg. OasisWorkflow.com

    Do this once and marketing managers can save tons of time.

    Also, for social media ads:

    If a company is spending over $5,000 a month (obviously not the casual blogger), there are workflow platforms for online advertising, e.g. AdStage, to manage this workflow too.

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