Why Web Copy Matters

In my experience as a web designer, I have seen one element consistently overlooked across the greater majority of websites. Namely, quality copy.

I have seen beautiful, elegantly designed websites ruined by bland or ineffective copy. I have seen e-commerce sites whose sales funnel is sabotaged by unclear or confusing verbiage. I have witnessed poor wording turn an otherwise fantastic site into a train wreck.

While poor copy is never excusable, the fact that it is so prevalent online speaks to the nature of the medium. Websites are incredibly visual products, packed with images, photos, graphic interfaces, and custom design elements. Many web developers, and the companies they serve, are so hyper-focused on the ‘look’ of their site that they neglect to polish the ‘voice’ of the site.

While good, compelling, and properly structured copy affords many benefits, there are a few of exceptional importance that I have highlighted below.

Quality Copy Establishes the ‘Tone’ of Your Company/Brand

Ask yourself a few questions. Is your company more personable or professional? Do you value efficiency over engagement? Are you funny, compassionate, or sternly austere?

Now ask yourself another question; does the copy of your website speak to these characteristics? The wording of your website goes a long way toward establishing the ‘tone’ or ‘voice’ of your brand or company. A law firm whose web copy is full of jokes and word-play is woefully off message. Likewise, a party rental company whose web copy is stiff and overly professional is presenting an image that is contradictory to the service they offer.

There is no universal right or wrong way to write web copy. Every company, organization, and brand is a unique entity with a unique personality. When writing copy for your website, be sure to pay special attention to the ‘tone’ your words are setting.

Error Free Copy Speaks to Professionalism

Have you ever seen a grammatical error on a website? Or, god forbid, a spelling mistake? If not, just look harder; they’re everywhere!

As a web developer, spelling and grammar mistakes on websites cause me to physically cringe. While the average consumer’s reaction will likely be less severe, a website with an error-filled copy is sure to turn customers off of your brand. Think about it; how comfortable would you feel ordering a product or service from a company that can’t even be bothered to proofread their work?

Always, always, always double, triple, and quadruple check your copy for any mistakes. A little extra proofing in the design phase can potentially save you a ton of embarrassment and lost business in the long run.

Quality Copy Makes Information Accessible

As a company, you have a lot to say to potential customers. Unfortunately, potential customers don’t have a lot of time to listen. Modern consumers are busier and more distracted than ever before. Between work, family, and the endlessly diverting nature of the internet (just one more ‘LolCat’ and I’ll get back to work, I swear!), it can be hard to simply ‘get your message across to potential customers.

Good copywriting can make your message more digestible for web visitors. The average time spent on a web page is a paltry 15 seconds. That’s not much time to make an impact. Web copy must be succinctly worded and cleverly structured in such a way that can be absorbed in 15 seconds, or so compelling that it coaxes visitors to spend more time on your site.

Accessibility is the name of the game when it comes to effective web copy, and you need to make it a top priority if you want to engage guests.

Copy Closes Deals, Makes Money

Copy is instrumental to making sales and closing deals online. In fact, with the right sales messages and a properly constructed sales funnel, your website can be the best salesman you have.

Where many sites go wrong is relying too heavily on photos and images to make sales. While an image or photo can provide a strong visual incentive to entice purchases, they only represent a portion of an overall sales message. Well-written sales copy speaks to the benefits of a product or service, differentiates it from other similar products or services, and reveals unique characteristics that cannot be visually represented.

An e-commerce site that relies entirely on visuals is merely offering a product or service. Copy is the function that actively sells a product or service.

Closing Thoughts

Quality copy is at the very core of effective web design. You can pack a site with more visual design tricks and graphical flair than a Michael Bay action flick and still end up with a dud if you don’t put enough time and effort into developing your copy. Remember, your website is your platform, your outlet to connect and communicate with current and potential customers.

So ask yourself; is your site’s copy sending the right message?

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  • Adrienne

    Hey Adam,

    Boy do I agree with this. I know that I even tend to make mistakes still with my posts but not many these days. But what really upsets me the most is when I’ll go to a site that I know is owned and run by a professional freelance writer yet I’ll find so many mistakes that I’m cringing. It just makes me wonder how well they’re really doing ya know.

    A company site with mistakes is inexcusable. They should have people for that where I know the individual is a little easier to forgive but still if they continue to make the same mistakes then I can no longer turn my head on those.

    I look at people’s sites and copy as who they are trying to portray. So if you want to come across a certain way and of course get people to purchase from you then you should have all your p’s and q’s in order.

    Great point my friend and I sure hope you won’t cringe when you see my sales page! LOL!!! Okay, I had a little help but I did the majority of it myself. 😉


  • Adam Binder

    Hi Adrienne,

    I still make mistakes too. In fact I make plenty of them. That’s why it is always a good idea to have someone else proofread or hire an editor if that is in the budget.

    I am excited to see your sales page and I’m sure it will be awesome!


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