Business Owners Share: Why I Love My Business Volume I

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Romeo & Juliet.  Bonnie & Clyde.  Cinderella & Prince Charming.  With so many famous dynamic duos throughout history, it’s easy to forget about one of the greatest loves of all — business owners and their business!

For better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, owning a business is a life-enriching experience.  Just ask our panel!  We asked business owners to share why they love their business, and we were so overwhelmed with great responses that we decided to share them all.  In volume one of this series, 25 business owners are sharing the love and explaining just why their business is their pride and joy.


AJ Singh, Co-Founder and Managing Director at ezyCollect

I Love My Business Because: I know we are solving a real problem for SMEs : how to simply get paid on time. I started creating our automation software after selling a previous business. In that business, chasing unpaid invoices was more than a hassle—late payments and overdue debt were crushing our profitability. Because there wasn’t an automation solution in the market, I created it. That gives me a huge sense of satisfaction.



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Michelle Zakarin, Co-Owner of Regents Review, LLC

I Love My Business Because: of our unique test prep method – we review all content for a subject in only one day. Students today are so busy with schoolwork, after-school clubs, sports, and outside-of-school organizations that they do not have the time to properly devote to studying. They also do not have the time to commit to a prep class that is spread out over the course of one month to six weeks. Our method allows us to help these busy students in one day. Kids are happy, parents are happy and that makes us happy.



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La Shawn Paul, Clinical Therapist & Owner of Social Work Diva

I Love My Business Because:  it provides me the opportunity to be a catalyst for change in the life of my clients. Through therapy, they increase their self-worth and confidence, while at the same time practicing the revolutionary act of self-care. The change I witness in them creates a ripple of change in their families, workspaces, and community. My business allows me to live out my dream and to encourage others to do the same.



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Thom Singer, Certified Professional Speaker at

I Love My Business Because: of the freedom this career gives me to pick and choose the places I work and the people I spend time with on a regular basis. Although I travel often, when I am home I can be 100% at home, which means being able to drive my high school-aged daughter to school and carve out extra time to go to coffee or breakfast with her once a week. A regular job would mean being stuck in a commute during that time. I don’t have to punch a clock so if I am not scheduled to speak, my wife (who also works for herself) and I can have lunch together or go to the movies on a weekday afternoon.



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Brian Davis, Director of Education at SparkRental

I Love My Business Because: I get to help others achieve the same flexibility and freedom that I’ve created in my own life . I get to travel the world with my wife (albeit not in grand style) because as a business owner and real estate investor I can work from anywhere. Our current home base is Abu Dhabi, and we’ve visited ten countries in the last year, including a month spent in northern Italy!



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Monique Honaman, Partner at ISHR GROUP

I Love My Business Because: it has given me the flexibility that I crave so that I can do all the things in my life that I want to do including raising my children and being active in my community. It has expanded my skills and allowed me to not only be the CEO, but also the CFO, CIO, and CMO. It has given me the opportunity to travel the world as I visit various clients. It has allowed me to take ownership of my sweat equity. It has allowed me to build an amazing group of partners and team members who have become my most trusted friends and advisors. It has pushed me, challenged me, and taught me that a comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.



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Michael Moran, Co-Founder of Private Label Extensions

I Love My Business Because: every day I wake up to a new idea, challenge, or problem that has to be figured out . I am in control and have built a small team of awesome employees to help along the way. There is never any redundancy in my life. If there are tasks I don’t like doing that have to be done I will train an employee to do it. I can focus on creative ideas to grow my company. This type of freedom is the opposite of when I had to work for someone else.



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Andrew Haller, Co-Founder & Co-CEO of AirDev

I Love My Business Because: it gives those with no coding experience a chance to build websites and apps . We started the company based on our belief that the way software is built — and who builds it — will undergo a fundamental change in the coming years. New code-free building tools like Bubble, which we use, makes it possible for people who want to get into the software building industry to do so without any formal coding experience, It’s exciting and pioneering and I love that we’re giving this opportunity to those who want to enter the industry.



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Debbie Wiener, Owner of Slobproof

I Love My Business Because: Every day I work with my eldest son Sam .  He’s not just a business partner; he’s my best friend. That’s the greatest reward of all. All of our products are inspired by my own family of slobs – my husband, my youngest son, and our dog. Every piece of seating we make is styled and designed with kids and pets in mind – my two favorite species on Earth. I know that Slobproof and my “Jewish Mother” style of customer service reduces stress for our customers and their families…and buying furniture can indeed be stressful. The positive feedback – and the adorable photos sent to us of pets and kids on our sofas and sectionals – keep us going. I wouldn’t do anything else.



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Dan Biederman, President of Biederman Redevelopment Ventures Corporation

I Love My Business Because: my team can come into a city and transform little used, dull-looking public spaces into spectacular go-to parks and relaxing destinations. It’s thrilling to transform and improve urban neighborhoods. From Bryant Park in New York City to Klyde Warren Park in Dallas, we take unused public spaces and revitalize them into attractive, wonderful, and inviting green spaces for people to be entertained with events, or just simply relax and enjoy our parks. It’s amazing how a new park can improve and transform major urban cities. I love the process and love the way people respond to a new park.



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Maxine Teele, Licensed Realtor at

I Love My Business Because: it challenges me daily . So much so that I now analyze what I am doing with every spare minute of my day. Is this contributing to the success of my business? Or are you letting time slip out of your hands? These are the questions I keep in my mind day in and day out. I love my business for the limitless amount of people I get to assist in more ways than one! I love my business mainly for the amount of freedom it will give me after just a few short years of working hard. All my life I wanted to find a job that I could maximize my time and finances at the same time this company/industry allows me to do that and so much more.



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Dr. Vik Tarugu, Board Certified Gastroenterologist at Detox of South Florida

I Love My Business Because: we are changing lives and healing families . Being in the recovery and detox industry we see so many heartbreaking stories of alcohol and substance abuse. The saddest parts are the fallouts with the families. What I love seeing and being a part of is the healing of the individual as well as the families. We get a chance to be part of the struggle and also the triumph. As we all know there can be no testimony without the test. And our patients have been tested many, many times. We empower them with a community as well as a mental framework so that they can go out into the world and succeed.



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Jackie Tedesco, CEO of One Source Therapy Review Services

I Love My Business Because: I love being able to do things differently than other companies in my field . In my previous positions, it was difficult when the outcome of a case review was out of my control and I disagreed with the ultimate decisions. I often felt that the goals of cost savings to the clients, while also assuring high-quality care decisions, were seen as mutually exclusive and decisions were made solely to benefit the bottom line. I love being able to ensure that decisions about my clients’ patients are in the interest of the patients AND can afford cost savings to my clients.



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Sarah O’Leary, Founder/CEO of ExHale Healthcare Advocates LLC

I Love My Business Because: we help people fear less, pay less, and get more from their healthcare by doggedly pursuing insurers and healthcare providers on their behalf. Our experts fight our clients’ healthcare battles so that they don’t have to, saving them thousands of dollars, and countless hours of time and stress. As the owner/founder of the company, knowing that we can help people breathe a little easier is a damn great reason to get out of bed in the morning.



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Paul A. Dillon, CMC at Dillon Consulting Services, LLC

I Love My Business Because: I get to help veterans every day do something positive . I help them bring their ideas for a business into reality. What could be better than helping my fellow veterans realize their dreams?



Lori Cheek, Founder of Cheek’d

I Love My Business Because: building this business has been an incredible learning experience. I’ve taken a major risk (both financially & mentally) and surrendered my career in architecture & design, but my heart and mind are in this project every waking moment. I’ve never been more dedicated to anything. Despite the occasional overwhelming stress, it’s been loads of fun. I feel like I’m living the American Dream—I’ve given birth to an invention. I’ve gone from 15 years of helping others build their dreams to a life finally dedicated to building my own. It’s the most rewarding feeling.



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Arash Khurana, Founder & CEO of Spiffy Spools

I Love My Business Because: it allows me to not only leverage skills gained during a decade-long corporate career in PR but also serves as an outlet for my creativity and interest in home decor. Giving up a 9-to-5 job has given me the flexibility to spend more quality time with my toddler son while running a successful venture of my own. At Spiffy Spools, our aim is to make custom drapery affordable for everyone around the world. Working towards this goal through my company, I feel part of every homemaker’s dream of a beautiful and constant home…and that’s why I love my business.



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Jenny Kile, CEO of

I Love My Business Because: it’s a business that inspires kids to create and imagine . I love to see the smiles on their faces after they have built an incredible card structure using Kardtects building cards which are specifically designed to make building card houses easier.



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Shaun Eli Breidbart, Stand-up Comedian at The Ivy League of Comedy

I Love My Business Because: I make people laugh and they pay me for it . Sometimes I can use what I do to point out problems in a way that makes people realize they need to be addressed. But in a fun way, not a complaining way.  As the head of my company I get to work with the people I want- I choose the other comedians in my shows and where we perform. And I also get to choose for whom we work- if a client (theatre, corporation, comedy club, non-profit, etc.) doesn’t treat me well I don’t have to continue to work with them. But most of all I love standing on stage and making people laugh.



Rachel Charlupski, Founder of The Babysitting Company

I Love My Business Because: it creates jobs for so many amazing people who are able to put themselves through school, take an amazing vacation and give them financial freedom. But most of all, they love their job as much as I do. Over and over again it is what we hear most, that our sitters come to work every day excited for their adventure and their day of work as most days are different and working with different families in different environments can be really exciting. Sitters also choose how often, when, and where they work giving them the flexibility and perks of entrepreneurs and leaders.



Brian Myers, Owner of Low Budget Movers

I Love My Business Because: of the opportunity to help people during a major transition in their lives. It is so cool to help people move into their first house that they purchased, or their first apartment after moving out of their parent’s home. Every day is different, but every day brings the same satisfaction. Our work is hard and heavy most all the time, but at the end of the day when your customer is home and you see the relief that brings, it is all worthwhile.



Ninis Samuel, CEO & Founder of BarkHappy Inc.

I Love My Business Because: nothing beats working on something you are passionate about where success is measured in wagging tails and smiling faces. Especially these days, with all of the negative things happening in the world, sometimes you just need to grab your dog, go someplace fun, make a new friend and be happy. I get to see the impact we have on dogs and their owners in person at our events and it makes me proud of what we started. Besides that, I love that supporting local shelters is such a core part of our business, and know that we are having an impact on those trying to do some good in the world.



Nadine Levitt, Founder & CEO of Wurrly

I Love My Business Because: it combines my passion for singing and helping others use their voice. Starting your own business requires a tremendous amount of care and passion and there’s a sense of urgency that always flows, but when you love what you do, it feeds your soul. I love what we’re doing at Wurrly and the impact we are having on the community by connecting individuals through songs across the world to increase our understanding of each other. When I hear stories of how Wurrly has changed the life of a mother of a child with autism, or see the strength of the community we are building it focuses and strengthens my resolve because it adds greater purpose to what we are building.



Suzanne Sibole, Safety Consultant at Youth Risk Prevention Specialists

I Love My Business Because: this business has allowed me to change and grow along with it . As my passions have changed, I’ve been able to alter the business to match them. I now focus almost exclusively on school safety and violence threat assessment. Because I don’t rely on anyone else to approve or fund training and education, I am able to pursue precisely what I believe will enhance my knowledge, expertise, and success. I also love that I can work on my schedule and respect by biorhythms. I am a night owl, and I can schedule my writing and creative time to match my most productive hours. I also love that I can take on the amount of work that keeps me busy and happy, but not overwhelming, and I can choose to work with the clients that are the best fit for my business.



why I love my businessRebecca Miller, Peggy Jean’s Pies

I Love My Business Because: I’ve poured my heart and soul into building it .  I feel it is a real person. I remember once turning the lights off after a spectacularly long day and sighing and saying aloud “I’m sick of this place” and then I felt bad for saying it – almost like I had hurt her feelings! (It’s always a “she” in my mind.) I’m here about 90 hours a week on the average. I’ve had some of my best moments in this space and some of my worst, I’ve gotten great news, and I’ve cried in the alleyway behind our backdoor. She needs to be real to me, so I can keep believing in this and working for what I know is possible.



why I love my businessVladimir Gendelman, Founder and CEO at Company Folders

I Love My Business Because: I get to hang out with really talented, cool people all day. It’s exciting to be part of a team where everyone loves what they do and where they’re all really good at it. We love working together to think of new ways to give our clients creative, fun products and perks—whether that means working on our design blog or coming up with cool new templates for graphic designers to try.



Why do you love your business?  Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments, and be on the lookout for Volume II!

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