Why Your Website Isn’t Converting


So you built a beautiful, mobile-friendly website for your business but it’s not working for you. This means that you’re not receiving any leads from your new site and therefore, you aren’t making any sales. This is a problem that a lot of businesses have and they may not know why this is happening. Understanding website analytics can help you find the problem but sometimes, there are very simple things that can be preventing your website for converting. We’ve outlined five of the top reasons why your website isn’t converting that you haven’t thought of yet.

No One Knows You’re There

You can build the best website in the world, but if no one sees it and if no one can find it then it’s completely useless. Search engine optimization is a complicated process that many do not understand so they don’t bother and that’s a huge mistake. What is the point of having this marketing tool if no one ever looks at it? To fix this, get your website out there. Start social media profiles and share your story and get other people to share it. This will start building backlinks to your website. Another way to change this is to blog regularly. Google and other search engines like to see constant updates to your site. This will not only give you more things to share on social media but it will increase the authority of your site.


Your Copy is Hard to Understand

This mistake can happen one of two ways; either you have a lot of typos and the writing is sloppy or you’ve used vocabulary that your audience can’t understand. No matter who your audience is this rule applies: the simpler the better. People like things that are easy to read and follow. Additionally, the majority of the US population reads at a high school level so keep this in mind when writing web copy. Keep it simple, clean and to the point.

Your Navigation

You have five seconds, just five seconds to keep the attention of the person who has come to your site. If they can’t immediately find what they’re looking for, they’re going to leave. The same rule applies in navigation as with copy, keep it simple. Really, really simple. I can’t stress this point enough. There needs to be a clear flow to your website design or your visitors will bounce right off.

Your Colors are Scary

Now, scary is an objective word here. Your colors may be too bright and bold, they may not look good together or there may not be enough color. It sounds silly but color has a lot to do with who stays and who leaves your sight. The color of your site will establish your authority so you must choose wisely. Sounds simply but there are billions of colors out there. There’s so much we could say about this that we’ve written a whole blog post about it.  Think really hard about your colors and how they work together.

The Overall Flow is Sloppy

When you have columns of text and one column is 500 words and the other column is 100 words, or you have a picture on one side of the webpage and then nothing beside it, or your sidebar is a million miles long when there’s only 100 words on the page…you see where we’re going with this? It just looks unprofessional and your visitors will feel the same and bounce off your site. It should all fit together like a puzzle and flow. If it doesn’t, your business will not be taken seriously.


Web design is hard and it’s easy to forget how the design of a site really effects how you see the business behind it. But think about it, when you’re looking for information online, a site that had the above qualities, would you find it credible? Probably not. So if your business website has any of these qualities, why are you expecting your consumers to find you credible? Take a hard look at your site using this guide and see if any of these reasons can explain why your website isn’t converting.

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    Hey Adam,

    I don’t think a lot of people realize that today the way your blog is set up has a lot to do with whether or not people will stick around to read your content.

    We both know that the navigation menus have a lot to do with it, we need to keep this simple because when you give people too much choices then they usually won’t chose at all.

    Speed also has something to do with it, if they have to wait to long for it to load they’ll gone.

    Your suggestions are spot on of course so I would hope that people are at least aware of all the things that will turn a potential customer away. We definitely do NOT want that happening.


  • Avatar
    Adam Binder

    Yes I agree. Keeping the navigation menus are key, especially in today’s world of sticky headers and mega menus. There are many options and choosing the one that is just right for ones own site is critical.

    Thanks for your comment. Have a great week.


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    Shobha Ponnappa

    Hey Adam,

    Building a site and expecting to happen all the conversions on its own isn’t possible. Good quality traffic results in leads, nothing less than that will work.

    Excellent suggestions about site navigation and website copy. Some of the sites that have poor navigation loses the visitor quickly. Even if your site is great at navigation the mouse at the user’s end will hover on the back button – and a poor navigation will only make that process quicker.

    I guess a lighter color with a softer shade helps in getting more user trust – generally anything that is soft on the eyes. The last thing that anyone needs to do is to dazzle their visitors sight with the brightest shades possible.

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