9 Easy Steps to Prepare Your Website to Boost Holiday Marketing Sales


When it comes to holiday marketing, the number one thing you want to focus on is your website. This is especially true if your business relies on online sales. In this case, waiting too long to prepare you business for the holidays can be disastrous.

Remember – you’re not just preparing for your customers to convert online. There are also the group of customers that do research online for holiday purchases and then travel to brick and mortar stores to find the products there.

This practice has become so popular, there is now a term for it. It’s called ROPO (Research Online, Purchase Offline).

For more information on how to prepare your website for both online and offline customers this holiday season, contact a leading internet marketing agency to begin messaging and design preparation for the shopping season.

Prepping your website doesn’t have to be a difficult project. Below, we’re giving you nine ways to start the internet marketing process today.

Look at previous years: analyze the data

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If holiday marketing means a lot for your business, chances are this isn’t your first rodeo. Take a look at what you did during the previous years and analyze what worked and what didn’t. Here a couple questions to ask yourself during this analysis:

  • Which products did I sell the most? What campaigns drove traffic to these products?
  • Which holiday keywords did I rank the best for?
  • What pieces of content performed the best on my website?
  • Which social media posts were shared the most?

Mobile shopping is huge

You can’t ignore it any longer – you have to keep mobile users in mind this holiday season. If you haven’t made the just to responsive design for your website, now is the time.

Talk to a leading internet marketing agency to help you implement a responsive design for your holiday marketing campaign this season.

Prepare a PPC campaign: cheap ads might pay off

Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns are advertisements that you choose to run on another website. You pay that website based on each click-through to your website from that ad.

PCC ads can be a bit time-consuming to track, but can be worth it in the end. If you don’t think you have time this holiday season, work with an internet marketing agency to implement one.

Start SEO planning before you think you have to

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Optimizing your website for any type of keyword takes a long time – holiday marketing campaigns are no different. If you’re aiming to rank for certain keywords this holiday season, start building up that SEO juice as early as possible.

Optimize your website for conversions

There is a popular method for optimizing and tracking conversions on a business’s website. In the marketing world, we call this A/B testing. This extremely effective method of testing allows you to slowly test each aspect of a broken page on your website to better optimize it for sales.

If you’re not up for tracking your website’s progress yourself, contact an internet marketing agency that specializing in a holiday marketing campaigns.

Content is still king during the holidays

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Publishing original pieces of content on your website will go a long way this holiday season. Content is still king – people still want to read, view and listen to content on the web that is not directly sales related.

If you haven’t already, work this year’s holiday campaign into your content strategy this season.

Sync your social media plan with your content plan

When writing your content, keep social in mind. If you work on writing your social content before the holiday season hits, it will be a lot easier to push out the content when customers start to scratch that shopping itch.

Talk to industry influencers: PR isn’t just for executives with big budgets

Small businesses and online retailers often think they don’t need PR. Remember – backlinks are a huge part of SEO. Reach out to some industry influencers and see if you can get them to talk a little bit about products on your site.

Coverage in an online magazine could put you in front of a whole new audience – and more importantly – a whole new set of customers.

Prepare to analyze for the upcoming year

Don’t forget to track your progress. While everything might not work out perfectly for your holiday marketing campaign this year, tracking your progress means you’ll be able to do a better job next year.

Creative Click Media is a digital marketing agency that has helped hundreds of companies achieve success on the web. To find out how we boost your online presence with an awesome holiday marketing strategy, contact us.

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