7 Tips for Enhancing E-Commerce Conversion Rates this Holiday Season


Over the last few years, e-commerce websites have seen steady increases in sales as online shopping becomes more popular. The most popular time to shop online? There’s not doubt – between October and December. Quarter four is a great time to be an e-commerce website with four major holidays and two shopping holidays. But if your website isn’t optimized, you could run into major problems.

With Black Friday, Cyber Monday and earlier shopping trends looming, most holiday shoppers have already begun a lot more than just their brainstorming. So what does this mean for E-commerce websites? It means they have to step up their game. And the sooner the better.

Of course increasing web traffic is important. All websites want content and products that will attract the most ready to buy customers. But the real key is the conversion rate of your web traffic. Here are seven great tips for enhancing E-commerce conversion rates this holiday season.

Optimize via Mobile

In 2014, mobile e-commerce took the reins jumping over 50% in the polls as the forum used most by shoppers. Consumers want what’s quick and what’s easy, and as soon as they are unable to visit your site via their mobile device or tablet, they will quickly settle for your competition. So, keep your customers and optimize your site before the holiday season approaches.

Email & Social Media Focus

conversion rate optimization

The idea of being mobile ready correlates to a strong email and social media presence. Links from emails generate more E-commerce conversion rates than any other source whether it be social media posts or simple google searches from customers. The key is emailing the right way. The following guidelines will make your emails all the more effective and consumer friendly:

  • Emails should contain a SINGLE call to action. Encouraging your shopper to buy this, and try that, while they’re eating this and smelling that, will only encourage them to delete your bogged down email and move on to the next. Simplicity is king.
  • Repetition is also important. Sending one email will not register in a shopper’s head. Consider how many emails they’re receiving a day. Try sending around three emails a week to effectively remind them of your presence and products without overwhelming them.
  • Personalize! Everyone can appreciate an email from a supersized company catered directly to them. When sending an email to a customer who’s previously purchased one of your products, cater to their profile and typical interests when writing an email.  

In the same vein as emails is social media. Social media, a steadily popular forum among young adults and teens, has grown in popularity even for adults. In fact, almost 75% of adults in the U.S. are currently present on social media. So E-commerce websites, reach your consumers on social media as well! Publicize your upcoming holiday deals and always include links back to your website.

Live Chat Interaction

Customer service is just as important from the comfort of your home, as it is in person. Holiday shoppers are likely to have questions regarding online deals or the functionality of certain products.The heart of E-commerce conversion rates is not letting the customers leave your page. And live chat is a great way from avoiding discouragement and web page abandonment. If you notice a customer has been on the same page for a while, ask them if they need assistance using the site or would like extra information about any of the offered products.

Don’t wait for the holiday season to arrive to start practicing your live chat. Get a jump on it now so that you’re ready for the questions that will come your way once the site really gets busy in the next month or so.

Hello Bar

All shoppers are different. Some drag their feet, weighing costs and comparing sites, while others just want the process done and finished in a matter of minutes. The quick deciders you can generally count on once you’ve won them over with the graphics and organization of your site, but it’s those slower moving, harder thinking shoppers who really could mean the difference between good profits and great profits.

So how do you push them to buy? Try the Hello Bar. For those of you unfamiliar, the Hello bar is a horizontal bar that will come across the top of the screen suggesting a new discount or offer. In order for this to appear, an uncertain shopper will have perused a page for a specified amount of time. The Hello Bar can be a great strategy to reel in the stragglers.


There’s nothing that can prompt an online purchase like a sense of urgency. Websites have mastered this technique with the ticking clocks at the top of pages, promising deals and shipping rates for only so much longer. If it feels like a threat, it kind of is. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. Shoppers, especially during the holiday season, will do a lot for a deal, even if that means making a quicker decision than they originally planned.

Another important idea to consider is capitalizing on the customers who have just made a purchase in the past two minutes. The confirmation page is a wonderful, very underused forum for this. Perhaps try selling a complimentary gift to their most recent purchase at a discounted rate.  

Psychological Triggers

What makes humans tick? What pushes us and what calls us to action? The important selling technique to remember is that what works in the store, generally will work online as well. The shoppers are the same regardless, and will appreciate seeing similar, familiar deals online. There are different approaches for different products, whether it’s a buy one get one free sweater, or a half price movie, the strategies need to be personalized to fit.

Free Shipping

conversion rate optimization

Free shipping really strikes a chord when it comes to online shoppers. In fact 8 out of 10 shoppers admit they would shop online more often if shipping were generally free. Don’t let your competition’s website beat you to the punch when it comes to this easy strategy. Even consider setting a spending limit for the free shipping to encourage a higher spending budget. You’ll be surprised how many customers will throw in an extra scarf or pair of underwear to receive that free shipping.

When it comes to increasing E-commerce conversion rates, it’s not just a cross your fingers kind of gig. There are so many ways to periodically test the effectiveness of your strategies, so that the entire holiday season doesn’t pass before you realize faults in your strategy. Even simple A/B tests can be effective in determining which slightly different headline or formatting is making a difference when it comes to engaging an audience. For example with the Hello Bar, be sure to test which discounts create the most revenue or which timing is most effective in the bar’s appearance. This kind of research will pay off. Around 20% of companies don’t have any sort of testing in place for their online marketing. Get an edge and make sure you do!

Enlist the help of an online marketing specialist to ensure you’re on the right track, or even to organize these strategies for you. The time and money spent on effective conversion rate optimization will create more customers for you this holiday season. At Creative Click Media, we know the ins and outs of conversion optimization as well understand the necessity of an online presence in means of profit. Get in touch today to set up a consultation!

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