Does Your Business Want to Boost Their Analytics? Look at These 4 Tools

One of the fastest growing trends in the business world today is the reliance on data analytics to improve all areas of an organization. For those who are looking to improve their analytics, choosing the right analytics tool is very important. There are four analytics tools in particular that can help to improve almost any business:

business marketing analytics toolsPingdom

One part of a business that needs to be fully analyzed is the company’s website. When you use the Pingdom data analytics tool, you will gain a lot of information about your website including your visitation rate and trends, where visitors are coming from, and what marketing and advertising sources work the best. Based on this information, you can make informed decisions to improve your website.


Another tool that offers great data analytics is Elasticsearch. This is a search engine that can provide your business with a variety of valuable information that is not available through other sources, including aiding in data retrieval. Additionally, there are supplementary tools to work alongside Elasticsearch that you can utilize and boost its performance.


Another tool that can provide you with data analysis and decision-making services is Board. This is an online data analytics tool that has helped many organizations to better understand their businesses and identify room for improvement. Beyond the advanced analytics, the Board platform can also help you to determine what form of analysis is most relevant for your company and how to take all the data that you receive to plan ahead.


Finally, Zoho is a great option for anyone who is looking for more support when it comes to analyzing and assessing data. Big data is very complicated and having a way to narrow it down and figure out what is important is a necessity. When you use Zoho, the software will be able to analyze all of this data and determine which factors are most relevant for your organization. This can then be further assessed to make future decisions.

data analytics for businessWhen you own or manage a business, it is important that you are able to properly analyze data. While data analytics used to be far more challenging and time-consuming, the process is getting much easier thanks to advancements in technology. Today, there is a wide variety of data analytics tools at your disposal that you can use to improve your marketing efforts and benefit your organization as a whole.

Simply having these analytics isn’t enough – it’s how you choose to use this information to your advantage that will determine if and how it affects your business’ success moving forward. Reach out to our team to learn how to best utilize these analytics tools to improve your business’ overall marketing efforts.

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