Seeing is Believing – The Benefits of Animated Marketing Videos

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Animated marketing videos can provide many benefits for your business. They’re low cost, have been proven to increase conversion rates, and pack quite an SEO punch. All of these aspects are great for your business’s bottom line. In honor of International Animation Day, let’s take a closer look at how you can use these animated videos in your content marketing strategy.

Engage Your Customer

Attention spans are getting shorter while the number of distractions vying for a consumer’s attention is increasing. Businesses have a precious few seconds to stand out in the crowd. Today, people are much more likely to focus on a video than on text. Think about it – when you’re scrolling through Facebook, how many videos do you stop to watch compared to the number of long-winded text posts you stop to read?

Animated marketing videos can get your message across quickly and in a more consumer-friendly way. Explainer videos, the most popular type of animated marketing videos, are designed to be simple and engaging. They’re compelling, informational, and quick to watch. It would take a blog article 600+ words to convey the same information that an animated video can project in two minutes.

We live in an age where the vast majority prefer watching over reading. A video is an excellent way to engage all of your potential customers.  Here is an animated video we created explaining SEO Tips using WordPress Jupiter Theme:

Simplify Complicated Concepts

Everything exists to address a need. Your business has a purpose because it addresses an unmet need for your client base. Sometimes, though, explaining what your business is and what purpose it serves isn’t as simple as “When your car is broken, we can fix it.”

Animated marketing videos, like explainer videos, can really help reduce complex principles into simple, straightforward concepts that everyone can understand. Adding visual representation to the written and spoken word makes your message clearer and more concise, which decreases the chance of confusion or misunderstanding.

Increase Shareability and Mobility

Videos are a great way to make your business accessible on all platforms. It’s easier to watch a video than read a full blog article because the time commitment required is lower. Because of that, animated videos are very well suited for both person-to-person sharing and on social media platforms. The lessened time commitment will also increase someone’s likelihood to share it with their friends.

Possibly one of the biggest benefits of utilizing animated marketing videos is their mobile compatibility. We no longer live in a world where the mobile video is a hassle. Almost every smartphone or tablet on the market today is capable of displaying HD pictures and videos. This means that consumers can watch your video whenever and wherever they please.

The best part about incorporating animated video, with regards to mobile accessibility, is that the format of your content won’t change on a mobile device. A video is a video, no matter what. The mobile versions of websites and blog articles appear in a slightly different format, and navigating them can become slightly cumbersome for someone with limited patience. If you want to learn more about a company’s product or service, would you rather watch a 2-minute video, or sit and scroll, and scroll, and scroll through an 800-word blog article?

mobile animated videoAnimated Marketing Videos in Your Content Strategy

If you’re looking for a simple, effective, and quick way to communicate to your target audience, there’s no better way than with animated marketing videos. They help market your business to your customers while also providing them with useful information they can use to make an informed decision. Try tying them into your content strategy, either by being informational or entertaining your audience. If you think an animated video might be the right fit for your business, our team of professionals can help you discover your brand’s true marketing potential. Check out our video marketing services for more information, or contact us today to get started right away!

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