Marketing Explained by a 5 Year Old: Holiday Season Marketing

This time of year is the best because there are so many holidays!  Thanksgiving just passed and Christmas is coming soon, but the most important one of all is MY BIRTHDAY!  Today I’m 5 years old, which makes me almost a grown-up. So we’re going to talk about holiday season marketing.


holiday marketing explained by a 5 year old

It’s super fun having my birthday so close to Christmas because it means there are so many new toys coming out, probably 50 or maybe even a million!  One of the toys I want the most is the Pie Face game — that way I can pie my daddy in the face for every time he made me clean up my LEGOs or go to bed when I wasn’t even tired!  

With so many cool toys coming to stores and so many moms and dads shopping for their kids, businesses have to make sure they have really awesome holiday season marketing so people will want to visit their store.


I didn’t even know what holiday season marketing was until we had to take pictures at the office wearing Santa hats.  I told my dad “Daddy, this is crazy!  We don’t wear Santa hats at work!” but then he explained to me that’s what some businesses do for holiday season marketing.  That way their customers will be all holly jolly, AND more people will want to buy from them.

holiday marketing explained by a 5 year old


I might be a big kid now that I’m 5 but I’m still a kid, and we’re the ones who call all the shots for holiday shopping.  Even though grown-ups (and Santa!) are the ones who buy all the presents, the kids are the ones who decide what are the coolest toys of the year.  That means businesses have to think about what kids like so we will use all of our cuteness to get our parents to buy from their store.

My dad told me that when he was my age he used to flip through a supergiant Sears catalog and circle what toys he wanted for his birthday and Christmas.  That’s crazy talk!  Nowadays I can make my wish list right on my iPad!  Businesses have to remember that kids know all about technology, sometimes even more than their parents.  If they want us to beg and plead with our moms and dads to buy their toys, we have to be able to find them online first!


holiday season marketing explained

Something else that businesses can do is have free stuff for kids who come into their store.  My favorite stores to go to are the ones that give out candy or toys when I go shopping with my daddy.  That way I get something really cool to keep me busy, and my daddy can shop around longer (mostly for presents for me)!

Spending so much time at the office seeing my work friends in their silly Santa hats all day just showed me how important holiday season marketing really is!  Now that I’m an older and wiser 5-year-old, my best tips for businesses doing holiday season marketing is to make it fun, have good customer service, and think about what would make your shoppers happy so they want to buy from your store.



And have lots of LEGOs.  LEGOs make everyone happy!

holiday marketing explained

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