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In the world of online business and digital marketing, Google is the master. Google is the first place the majority of people go for answers and everyone wants to be on page one. Getting to the first page of Google is difficult and Google isn’t backing down. Over the years they have actively changed their algorithm so only the best and most authoritative websites/businesses show up on the first page. This year will be no different.

As of January 2014, there are over 180 million active websites. When you search on Google, the first page shows the top ten results and 90% of the time a searcher doesn’t go pass the first page of results. This means two things: Google’s algorithm is working the way they want it to and people trust Google. What does that mean for your business? You need to trust Google and play by their rules.

On April 21, 2015, Google will be making an update that will affect more websites than their Panda and Penguin updates: Google Mice. In 2011, Google released its Panda update in an effort to rank more authoritative sites above low-quality sites. This update affected about 12% of all English searches. Three versions of Penguin updates were releases from 2012 to 2013. Combined the updates affected about 4% of global searches on Google on desktops and mobile devices. The new update coming this month is only to affect searches on mobile devices but will affect more sites than both of these previous updates.


This isn’t Google’s first step in rewarding mobile-friendly sites. Just last year, Google started recognizing mobile-friendly websites by placing a mobile-friendly alert next to URLs. The purpose of this was to let mobile users know which websites would work best on their device. It is estimated that about 50% of all searches on Google are done through mobile devices. If you’re site isn’t mobile-friendly, you need to make changes immediately.

The new mobile updates will not only mark your site as mobile-friendly but will rank mobile sites higher in search results on mobile devices. Sites that are not mobile-friendly are at a huge risk for losing a large percentage of their traffic and dropping quickly in search results.

Google has announced Google Mice in advance to give business owners a chance to prepare and make changes to their site as soon as possible. Last month, they held a Google hangout to answer questions about the new update. There are three main things your business needs to know about the new update.

You’re Mobile-Friendly or You’re Not

Usually with algorithms there are a number of factors that are at play when deciding where you rank. This update will not be like that. Your site or webpage will not be graded with a certain amount of mobile-friendliness. Your site will be classified as one of two things: mobile-friendly or not mobile-friendly. There is no in-between, no a little mobile-friendly or a lot mobile-friendly. If your website does not have a responsive web design and is not easily seen and used on mobile devices then you are not mobile-friendly and starting April 21, you will be penalized.

Roll Out Could Take Up to a Week

As with all things Google, this isn’t a simply update. They have announced that this will be one of their largest and most effective updates. They plan to begin the update on April 21 but the entire update could take up to a week to fully roll out.

You Can Check Your Site Now to See if You’re Mobile-Friendly

Google isn’t making this update to hurt or punish businesses that aren’t mobile-friendly. They announced it early in an effort to help you make updates before the new standards take place. Additionally, Google has offered mobile tools for some time now. The best and easiest way to know if your site is mobile-friendly is to use Google’s mobile-friendly test. All you have to do is enter your URL and Google will run a test and let you know within seconds if your site is mobile friendly


Creative Click Media specializes in building beautiful, robust mobile friendly websites. We also can help with SEO and social media marketing. To learn more about Google’s new update or to get started with building a mobile-friendly site, give us a call anytime!

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    Hey Adam,

    I guess I’m about as ready as I can be. I passed Google’s test, at least recently. In the past I think it depended upon the day. LOL!!! I have to laugh about it because you never know with Google these days. They don’t necessarily like me so I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that on the 21th I’ll pass with flying colors.

    This is big scoop though that’s all around the web and I would hope that those who don’t have mobile friendly sites will consider updating or at least installing a plugin that will help until they can do something else.

    Thanks for letting us know about this too.

    Enjoy your week.


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      Adam Binder

      Hi Adrienne,

      It is really scary for business owners to think they could just disappear from search results if they don’t comply with Google’s new standards. I’m glad your site passed the test though, and i’m sure you will still be good come the 21st. The googlebots are looking to detect mobile friendly CSS and as long as your site has that then it will be OK.

      Thanks for stopping by.


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    its time to think about mobile friendly website. yes we know that most of user across the globe use mobiles to search their query find products or many more things if we want customer than must be also focus on mobile result.

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